Embronx Cares

Individual PPE Pack, A bespoke, user-friendly sealed protection kit, developed for customers and staff.

The Solution

Our Proposal

Not everyone leaves their home or office equipped with the adequate PPE protection to deal with the variety of daily situations we encounter.

Travel PPE is a small foldable pack that can fit in your pocket, handbag, or manbag. It is single use, disposable, convenient and discreet. Popular for train stations, airports, ferry ports, motorways service stations and to pick up in local shops.

2 Latex Gloves
1 Surgical Mask
1 Alcohol Wipe

Pack Contents (GLOVES)

  • EN455 Certified compliant
  • CE Certified
  • TUV Tested
  • Medical Examination Grade
  • Powder Free Latex
  • Three Ply Type IIR Surgical Mask
  • FDA, MHRA, CE Certified
  • EN14683 Certified Compliant
  • Elasticated Earloops
  • TUV Tested
  • Medical Grade
  • Water Resistant


  • 75% Alcohol based wipe
  • Wipe size 180mm x 150mm
  • REACH compliant
  • Shown to contain no SVHC

Pack Contents (Regulatory and Compliance)

  • All products conform to European compliance.
  • Type 1 medical devices – low regulatory risk.
  • CE mark self certified.
  • FDA approved face mask.
  • All products conforms to global medical standards.