About Us

Embronx group is an organisation which provides services ranging from land survey, designs and construction, property development and management, marketing and sales of real estate products as well as facility maintenance.
Our complete dissatisfaction with the low quality of properties and its investment choices awoke that need to bridge the gap, seek superior ways to reverse the trend by providing the best in property investment partnerships and estate practices.

Our objective is to provide real estate development and sales in the metropolitan cities across Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Ondo, Edo, and Port Harcourt and also in other parts of the world. This offers us the opportunity of creating fully functional housing estates that open up and compliment the government’s efforts at providing affordable accommodation to our major target market which is the low, high and middle income groups.

Printing Services

We are all about the rendering of quality printing services.


Embronx Consultants is a Consulting service firm on real estate and estate development.We offer all kinds of services with regards to real estate and and estate development.

Real Estate

We provides Land survey, designs and construction, property development and management, marketing and sales

Onoleme Embronx Care Foundation

Going into the world of hopelessness, helplessness, brokenness, lack and depression and reaching them with love and hope, hereby giving them a reason to live.


Embronx utilizes international best practices in market analysis, concept, design, and project management in the end to end real estate products necessary and deliver great financial returns to our investment partners.


Integrity, Quality, Decorum, Professional Excellence, Leadership, reliability and diligence.

About Embronx Group

Embronx Prints Limited is a leading printing which is known for its standard point of sales material fabrication. We are all about the rendering of quality services.

We create quality POSMs that add value to your brand and also keep your brand relevant, maintaining a strong and lasting relationship with our customers. With our rich experience, network, and expertise. We design world class, iconic visual identities with quick to recall experience for consumer brands.